Hill Valley History
Accomplishments and Activities

All E-Mail Correspondence:

The Hill Valley Homeowners Association was established in 1969 in response to a commercial proposal to locate a mobile home park adjacent to one of our borders. That proposal was defeated. The Association at that time became incorporated under the Indiana Not-for-Profit Corporation laws. In the intervening years, numerous other land use/zoning cases have arisen that have affected the Hill Valley Estates area. The Association has always responded when necessary and appropriate. As a result of our efforts we have prevented many attempts at commercial encroachment and have assured that the development of residential property adjacent to us remains primarily single-family and of similar quality to our homes. We also participated in the decision making that led to development of Perry Park and its more recent improvements.

  • The Association has been the agency that has maintained and improved the entrances to the subdivision on Meridian Street.
  • The Association has developed a good relationship with local government; such that we receive what is felt to be excellent response to street repair and related problems.
  • In 1981-2, the Association sponsored a massive effort to provide a private security service/patrol for the area. Due to the declining subscribers, this service has ended. The Association supports and encourages participation in the local CRIME WATCH and related activities.
  • When Southside Utilities sought an increase in the sewer service rate for the Hill Valley Estates area in 1992, the Association sponsored a public meeting and participated in Public Service Commission proceedings. The result was modification of the Utility's rate structure and the Hill Valley Estates residents now receive a savings on their sewer bills.
  • The Hill Valley Newsletter has been printed and distributed to our residents periodically (normally four times per year) for several years. Go to the newsletters to find the current one; they are archived back to October, 2010.
  • Annually the Association has sponsored a residents' picnic at German Park.  Attendance has sometimes exceeded 500, and other guests have included the Mayor and his wife, and local and state lawmakers.

Its Status and Future

Due to its continued activity in these and other functions, your voluntary Association has developed recognized value as a legitimate civic organization whose opinions on a wide range of developments in our part of the metropolitan area are both sought and respected.

All of this has been possible because:

  • Our residents have joined and supported the Association, and
  • from our residents have come responsible, civic-minded and hardworking officers and directors who believe in that old maxim: People get the kind of government (or community) they deserve.

Please continue to support your Homeowners Association with
annual dues of $45.00, payable each January.

If you have lost your envelope, you can simply mail a check payable to "HVHA" and mail to:

P.O. Box 17441
Indianapolis, IN  46217-1744

Please be sure to include you home address either inside with the payment or on the envelope return address.

Thank you for supporting your neighborhood!

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