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City Regulations, State Laws
and Information

Here are some city and state documents that may be helpful

Howling, yelping, barking prohibited This site gives you the city ordinance that covers animals frequent or habitual howling, yelping, barking, screeching, other vocalization or otherwise shall cause serious annoyance or disturbance to persons in the vicinity. Go to the Mayor's Action Center to file a complaint.

Permissible Home Occupations This site contains the city ordinance that covers what professions and domestic occupations, crafts or services which, as typically carried out, may be
conducted in a dwelling

Dwelling Zoning Ordinance This document contains the city zoning ordinance that cover garages; carports; porches; decks; awnings; canopies; mini-barns; storage sheds;
patios; outdoor fireplaces; porte-cocheres; bathhouses; cabanas; children's
playhouses; swings and other play structures or equipment; greenhouses and other
accessory buildings or structures similar and comparable in character to these permitted

Bicycle and Motorized Bicycle Laws This site contains the State of Indiana law that covers the use of Bicycles and Motorized Bicycles in the State of Indiana.

Indianapolis - Marion County, Municipal Code This is the Indianapolis - Marion County, Indiana, Code of Ordinances.  The general and permanent ordinances of the City-County
Council of Indianapolis-Marion County, comprise the "Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County" (Revised Code). The Revised Code begins a complete re-codification and revision of the ordinances of a general and permanent nature enacted by the City-County Council.

Mini-barns or sheds (under one hundred twenty (120) square feet and not on a permanent foundation) are not required to have an Improvement Location Permit.

Indianapolis Maps This in the location of the city maps of various districts and boundaries such as zoning, schools, polling places, etc. Some of these maps are static; however, most are interactive.

Mayor's Action Center Report all kind of things like drainage or storm water problems, potholes, high weeds or grass, stray animals, signs or traffic signals, etc.

Residential Trash Collection New to Hill Valley and want to know when your trash will be picked up and what the rules are? What happens to the schedule if there is a holiday? What do you do if there is heavy trash to be picked up? All the trash pickup information is here.
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