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A Modest $45 Membership in HVHA Provides:

  • SNOW REMOVAL - the city does not plow our side streets except for Rahke Rd, West Hill Valley between Rahke and Meridian, East Hill Valley and East St from Hill Valley to Stop 11. Please see our snow removal page for more information.
  • SAFETY COORDINATION - working with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
  • ADVOCACY - Zoning Issues, Traffic Control, Street & Sewer Repair, etc.
  • COMMUNICATIONS - Quarterly Newsletter
  • ADVERTISING - for the Annual Neighborhood Garage Sales
  • SUMMER SOCIAL - A meal of steak, bratwurst, potato salad, beans, cookies, chips, soft drinks, wine, and beer - plus recreation for all members and their families - at our Annual Summer Social at German Park in August
Not sure if you have paid your dues this year?
You may look up your membership status here.

If you are interested in membership (we are a voluntary homeowners association), please contact Charlie Eldridge, Membership Liaison, 881-2718, and provide the following information (we do not publish or share information with any other organization or company nor is information posted anywhere online to be hacked):
First and Last Names
Telephone Number (Again, we do not publish or share these with any other organization or company)
E-mail address (Again, we do not publish or share these with any other organization or company)
Number of adults at this address
Number of children under 18 at this address
Hill Valley Homeowners Association is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation and is
tax exempt under IRS Code Section 501.c.4 as a community service organization.

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