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Interested in Participating in the HVHA Garage Sale?
The Garage Sale dates for 2015 will be Thursday June 4th through Saturday June 6th. Please contact Patty Graff at (317) 331-1481. If she is not there, please leave your name, address and phone number. You phone number is in case Patty needs to call you for some reason, your phone number will not be posted. The deadline for getting your address on the map is Saturday May 30, 2015. Posted 5/24/2015 - Expire 6/7/2015

The HVHA Board meetings are in a new location! Please look here for the new location of the board meetings. Also, the entrance door will be locked automatically, please be prompt as the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. Posted 4/12/2015 - Expire 6/16/2015

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