Board Meetings
Hill Valley Homeowners Association

All E-Mail Correspondence:

We have a board meeting for the Hill Valley Homeowners Association on the third Monday of each month except December. Most board meetings, except the October meeting and any meeting where there is a conflict, are held at St. Barnabas (see map in a PDF document)
at 7:30 PM. Normally, in the event of a conflict, the board meeting will be moved to Friedens United Church of Christ (see map in a PDF document).

The October meeting is a general membership meeting where we encourage all members to attend and is held at Friedens United Church of Christ at 7:00 PM. Every other year an election of board members is conducted at the annual meeting. The board gives reports about its activities for the year and there usually is representation from the City. Details about this meeting are in the newsletter. There is no board meeting in December.

Members are welcome to give input at any regular board meeting during the first portion of the meeting.

After entering the church, you will be directed to the new location. We ask that you keep the noise down as you will be walking past the 24 hour Adoration Chapel and people will be praying in there. One of the board members will be at the door to let you in and give you directions. For a detailed map, click here.

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