OK, this one is long but most of the length is pictures. I can't believe some of the things going on in Hill Valley! The most recent post on NextDoor is, "Two dirt bikes were stolen out of our garage. Two boys caught riding one, the other is still missing. It is a small white, red and black Honda R70." These were taken from a home in West Hill Valley, others are below.

Have you seen this sign? I absolutely love the sign but I would not steal it. The guy in the red shorts actually walked over and stole one of the signs (there were two, one for each street since he lives on a corner lot). If you click here or on the picture, you will open a YouTube video of the theft on Sunday morning at 7:55 AM. Instead of stealing signs, the boy should have been getting ready for church. The intersection is Mellowood and Bishops and he is going towards Railroad Rd. This was posted on NextDoor.

This woman was stealing from a home in Banta Trails (it looks like she has a tattoo on her left ankle). She took a couple of kids bicycles and patio furniture. The items were originally posted on the Greenwood Indiana Community Yard Sale Facebook page. I picked this up from NextDoor and thought you should know that this type of illegal activities is going on in the vicinity.

This is also a posting on NextDoor. Do you know of someone that is looking for employment? There are a lot of employers who are looking for qualified people to fill positions. Don't forget your resume and to dress for success.

SE District will be stepping up patrols.  Should be contacting you (I have been contacted by Ann Westropp, Crime Watch Specialist, thank you).  The juveniles apparently will not be prosecuted, unfortunately.  However, there might be a civil remedy if someone wanted to sue the parents and offenders for any damages (just throwing that option out; it probably wouldn't be appropriate for me to handle something like that but it something to consider exploring if people want other options).

Commander Snyder added some advice echoing your comments:  DON'T be shy, CALL the police to check out people who look out of place. Take pictures if you can, they may be useful later.   Above all, LOCK your stuff up.

Scott Kreider
City-County Councilman for District 23