The January Newsletter is in the post office. The board decided to send everyone the paper copy so the return envelope would be included and no one would be missed. Therefore, you should be receiving your copy in a few days (since we use bulk mail, the post office may not deliver it for a while). The enhanced version is available here.

The board meeting date has changed to the 4th Monday evenings instead of the 3rd. The details are in the newsletter. It is unfortunate that the board decided to change the meeting date after the newsletter was printed and the website has not caught up yet.

I assume this is stale news to those that use the ice skating rink but I thought I would mention the closing. Due to mechanical issues, Indy Parks has temporarily closed Perry Park Ice Skating Rink for the remainder of the season effective Friday, Dec. 22.

If you haven't joined NextDoor yet, I highly recommend joining. There are posts about Human Trafficking Awareness Day, posts from Andrea Watts (she doesn't send any updates to me but she does post to NextDoor and there is more about her in the newsletter), IMPD Crime Stopper Wanted Posters complete with pictures, etc. In other words, NextDoor is not just a social network. By the way, these topics are in the Public Agencies tab on the side of the NextDoorscreen.

Long Range Transportation Plan Approved. The Indianapolis Regional Transportation Council approved the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Org.'s LRTP guides the area's metropolitan transportation (not just Indianapolis) systems over the next 20 years. This covers walking trails to bicycle lanes to rapid transit (I didn't find anything about light rail).The 2045 LRTP is available on this website. The actual document is downloadable in PDF format here.